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Woof Wear Ice Therapy Pack


Woof Wear Ice Therapy Pack

Woof Wear Hot and Cold Therapy Pack

Woof Wear Hot & Cold Therapy Packs provide a well-fitting, functional, equine specific aid to cool off legs after fast and arduous exercise.

Unlike other gel packs, these remain flexible, even when frozen, allowing for a perfect fit into the Ice Therapy Boots.

In addition, the Gel Packs can also be warmed up to provide heat therapy if required.

Each pack contains two Gel packs.


  • Equine Specific
  • Flexible, even when frozen
  • Assists both hot and cold therapy
  • Perfect fit into Ice Therapy Boots
  • Each pack contains two pairs


Stays flexible even at -18 degrees!


  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth


This sizes fits perfectly into the Ice Therapy Boots


Something we can do to help reduce the risks of tendon breakdown is to keep the tendon cool. Cold therapy helps to cool the tendons and suspensory ligaments as well as preventing general lower limb inflammation. The cold therapy inhibits blood flow to the area thus creating a cool atmosphere. Whether you choose to use crushed ice, a bag of frozen peas or Woof Wear Hot and Cold Gel packs, this mouldable form of cold therapy is highly effective. 

This is where the Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boots become invaluable as they facilitate the even distribution of cold therapy around the whole lower leg and hold it securely. With fully adjustable straps and a large landing pad they can be fitted to most sizes of horse.

It is advised that when using ice/cold therapy you do so on a 5 minutes on, 15 minutes off basis. 

Keep ice topped up to help maintain a constant temperature. 

Do not apply ice for more than 30 minutes in any two hour period. 

Care MUST be taken when applying cold therapy as if used incorrectly or applied for too long it has the potential to damage the skin and the underlying tissue. 

If your horse is very sensitive, for example those with thin or pink skin – you may want to consider using a soft cotton layer between your horses leg and the therapy boot.

Heat Therapy

What if your horse requires the benefits of Heat Therapy?

Treatment with superficial heat increases the blood flow which helps promote healing by increasing the amount of oxygen to the area. Heat is used when there is no associated pain to promote the final stages of healing. By introducing heat, the boost in circulation assists in the delivery of new cells which are delivered via the bloodstream. 

Heat therapy should be applied for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time with a minimum of 20 minutes rest between treatments.

Ensure a constant heat is applied - 40-45⁰C is considered optimum.

If you are unsure as to whether your horse requires hot or cold therapy, be sure to consult your vet or a suitably qualified person.



Woof Wear Ice Therapy Pack
Woof Wear Ice Therapy Pack

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