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Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots


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Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots

This general-purpose boot is designed to protect your horse from overreaching injuries during every day schooling and competition work.

Features :

5.5 mm closed cell neoprene.

Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water.

Anit-Spin device

Hard wearing strike pad with extra padding.

Recessed stitching for longer life.

High density double lock strap.

Conventional overreach boots tend to spin around the hoof when the horse is moving. Woof Wear designers have solved this problem utilising computer aided design techniques. The result is an anti-spin device that locates snugly into the back of the heel and gives the horse greater protection from overreach injuries.

Having the fastening on the front of the boot stops it from being opened when the horse over reaches and makes it much easier to fasten, Secondly extra protection can be added on the back of the boot to offer reinforced protection to the horse’s heels at all times.



Undo the double locking straps and open the boot flat

Place around the foot with the top of the boot wrapping around the pastern

Place around the foot with the top of the boot wrapping around the pastern

Close the double locking straps together securely, ensuring that the neoprene meets and there is no gap between (you can overlap if necessary but check that the boot is not too large if this is the case).

The anti-spin nodule must be located snugly between the bulbs of the heels

Ensure you can fit your index finger between the top of the boot and the pastern

For competition use we recommend that you have approx. 1cm clearance between the bottom of the boot and the surface (with the horse stood on concrete)

For turnout use the boot can be longer and touch the ground if necessary so the back of the shoe is covered

Washing Instructions:

Close all straps prior to washing

Machine wash max 30°C, gentle spin

DO NOT tumble dry

DO NOT leave boots in strong sunlight 

Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots
Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots

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