TopSpec Cool & Condition Cubes - 20KG


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TopSpec Cool & Condition Cubes

A high calorie and quality protein cube designed to be added to a TopSpec feed balancer for horses needing condition and topline in a low starch 'Non-Heating' feed.

Designed For:

  • Broodmares.
  • Stallions.
  • Youngstock.
  • Sales Preparation.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Low starch formula.
  • High in calories to condition during pregnancy, lactation and growth.
  • High in quality protein to help maintain healthy muscle development and repair, shown in e.g. topline. Protein also provides nutritional support for foetal development, milk production and growth.
  • Added calcium and magnesium to provide nutritional support for healthy bone, nerve and muscle function.
  • High in digestible fibre to help maintain healthy hind-gut function
  • 'Non-Heating', cereal-grain-free and supplemented with magnesium to promote relaxed behaviour .
  • Salt, reduces or eliminates the need to add salt (compared to feeding straights).
TopSpec Cool & Condition Cubes - 20KG
TopSpec Cool & Condition Cubes - 20KG

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