SoloGroom SoloRake

The SoloRake is a unique, double headed grooming rake. As you comb a pet’s coat, horse’s mane or tail, the rake easily removes hair. They are ideal for shaping, finishing, thinning and creating a hand stripped look. Perfect for removing winter coats fast and painlessly. Rounded tooth combslift coat evenly for clipping, removing tangles and dead undercoat.

The double heads allow a great degree of finish to your raking – without the fuss or cost of 2 products.

A bushy, unkempt, pet coat, horse mane or tail can be transformed in minutes with no discomfort.

Give a well-tailored and professional finish in minutes.

They can even be used on anxious horses and pets.

The rake gives a natural stripped or pulled finish.

Instructions Mane & Tail

Step 1. Start with a clean tangle free mane or tail using a conventional pulling

comb or brush to remove tangles

Step 2. Simply rake using even vertical strokes, with little pressure. Your

SoloRake can also be used under the mane or flip the mane over and rake

from the other side.


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