Roma Grazing Muzzle - Pony

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Black - Pony

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Roma Grazing Muzzle

The Roma grazing muzzle can be used to help restrict grass intake for horses and ponies, still allowing turnout for those who require a weight management routine. The design is soft next to the skin and features comfortable padding around the nose area.

The nylon webbing straps are strong and durable, and can be easily adjusted to alter the fit to suit various horses.

The quick release clip featured on the throat strap makes for easy fitting and taking off.

This popular design of grazing muzzle comes in different colours and sizes, to suit many different horses and ponies.

Horses and ponies can still eat and drink when using the grazing muzzle, but it is advised to try it for short periods of time prior to a full turnout session,to make sure your horse knows how to eat and drink confidently when wearing it.

Available in black, pink, blue or purple and in sizes pony, cob and full.

Roma Grazing Muzzle - Pony
Roma Grazing Muzzle - Pony
Roma Grazing Muzzle - Pony imageRoma Grazing Muzzle - Pony imageRoma Grazing Muzzle - Pony image

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