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Point Two CO2 Canister - Screw In

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Screw In - 50CC (Child)

£19.99 £6.00

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Point Two Screw in  CO2 Canister

Our CO2 canisters are almost twice the size of some competitors.

That’s one of the reasons our inflation rates are so much faster. Faster inflation rates are what make you safer. And, you being safer is why you should have a spare, because now you can get back up and have another go.

60cc – Child ProAir L, XL, Adult ProAir S, M, L, XL, P2RS XS, S, M, L, XL

50cc – Child ProAir S, M, P2RS CXL

All Hunter & Soft Shell Models use 60cc Bayonet.

All jacket supplied before 1st October 2012 will be screw fitting - all jackets manufactured after October 2012 will  be bayonet fitting


Point Two CO2 Canister - Screw In
Point Two CO2 Canister - Screw In

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