Leovet No Rub


Leovet No Rub

Leovet No Rub 500ml
Effective against dandruff and itchy mane and tails

Effective against dandruff and mane and tail rubbing. It is a very effective hair lotion for base of mane and tail. The active ingredient from the willow bar has a regenerating and peeling effect on the skin. Bio-sulphur fluid stops the formation of dandruff. Perubalsam considerably reduces itchiness and thus also the tendency to scratch. Nourishing effect ensures silky, shiny hair. All biological processes are thus normalised as a whole, resulting in healthy hair growth.

*No-Rub frees from dandruff and makes itchiness disappear, thereby preventing frayed manes and tails, bald tail roots and short, unsightly manes.
*With bio-sulphurous fluid and urea to normalise all biological processes, thus making for shiny and healthy hair from root to tip.

Leovet No Rub
Leovet No Rub
Leovet No Rub  imageLeovet No Rub  image

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