Leovet FrogAde


Leovet FrogAde

Leovet FrogAde

This frog and hoof preparation has a special brush included which makes application easy whilst giving the frog and sole a good massage.

It is excellent in both treating the problem and preventing it. A useful product for use in the wet winter months or when horses are exposed to moisture from standing in for long periods. 

Features :

  • Protects hooves from dampness and disease.
  • equus bullet The active components protect the frog from rot.
  • equus bullet Regular application helps maintain the frog and sole.
  • equus bullet Brush included which aids application massages the frog and sole.
  • equus bullet The use of the brush helps to remove rotten horn and stimulate circulation
  • equus bullet Especially useful against thrush.

Comes in a handy 200ml squeezy bottle.


Leovet FrogAde
Leovet FrogAde

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