Korsteel Soft Rubber Pelham - 5''


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Korsteel Soft Rubber Mullen Mouth Pelham

The Soft Rubber Pelham is a rubber coated stainless steel bit that is a softer alternative to steel.

The Mullen Mouth Pelham has a straight mouthpiece that offers a more consistent action and acts on the tongue and the bars of the mouth.

The Mullen Mouth Pelham offers the combined action of a snaffle and a curb and should ideally be used with two reins, but one rein can be used with roundings.

The snaffle rein assists in lifting the horse whilst the curb rein encourages flexion.

5'' - Last One!

Korsteel Soft Rubber Pelham - 5''
Korsteel Soft Rubber Pelham - 5''

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