JHL Loose RIng Fulmer Snaffle 6

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JHL Loose Ring Fulmer Snaffle - 6"

The Jointed Fulmer Snaffle has a single joint which produces a nutcracker action - this mainly applies pressure to the tongue, the bars of the mouth and the horse's palate.

The Fulmer bit is very similar to a full cheek snaffle, however the loose ring allows the horse to move the bit around more in their mouth. This can discourage leaning but encourage jaw relaxation and extra salivation.

The full cheeks on this bit help to improve steering, so it is ideally suited to younger horses and ponies, or horses who can use their head and shoulders to evade the rider's aids.

This bit is dressage legal.

JHL Loose RIng Fulmer Snaffle 6
JHL Loose RIng Fulmer Snaffle 6

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