Effax Leather Combi


Effax Leather Combi

Effax leather combi


Effax leather combi is an innovative combination of gentle cleaning and unique deep action.

The grease free solution used to make effax leather combi removes even stubborn dirt and provides leather with a good grip.

This combination cleaner and leather feed can be used on any leather product but is especially good for removing grease build ups on the underside of tack and saddles.

Equally useful for cleaning leather riding boots, bridles and even leather handbags.

Once you have used this, you will never go back to saddle soap!

So easy to use, you don't need water just a cloth, sponge or kitchen towel to apply and the dirt evaporates off- it is an amazing leather cleaner we have used for years.


Effax Leather Combi
Effax Leather Combi

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