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DeFuse Syringe - 80ml


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Supreme Products DeFUSE Syringe

The Supreme Products DeFUSE Syringe is a natural vitamin based supplement which helps calm nervous horses or ponies.

DeFUSE Calmer consists of vitamins, amino acids and magnesium which has all been tried and tested in counteracting stress and hypertension by focusing on the adrenaline levels. This product contains no prohibited substances and is safe to use during competition.

The DeFUSE Calmer requires no build up however the amount needed may vary for your particular horse or pony. DeFUSE will usually take effect around 21 to 22 hours and will last around around 6 to 12 hours after the calmer has taken effect.

Directions for use:

Can be fed in feed however it is recommended to use from syringe.

It is recommended that you try DeFUSE at home and establish two variables - how much to administer and how long it takes to work.

Administer more than top end of the recommended amount to view the effects.

A heavier horse than average or a stressed or anxious horse will require more DeFUSE.

Keep DeFUSE at Room temperature and avoid extremes of hot and cold.

DeFuse Syringe - 80ml
DeFuse Syringe - 80ml

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