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Woof Wear Competition Gloves

This lightweight competition glove gives exceptional feel and dexterity and is suitable for all disciplines.


Reintex® is a Japanese designed microfibre material which has been selected by Woof Wear for it’s superior properties which makes it especially suitable for riding gloves.

Light and Strong - The microfibres are more than 100 times thinner than silk thread and (weight for weight) have a greater tear strength than leather. This means that Reintex® can be thinner than leather without compromising durability.

Superb grip and feel - The slender microfibres give a comfortable and soft feel but also provide a fantastic grip as on a micro level a much greater surface area is in contact with the rein.

Breathable - Minute holes in the Reintex® allow water vapour to pass through keeping your hands free from perspiration.

Water Repellent - Water drops are too large to pass through the fabric and will simply slide off.

Stretch - The manufacturing process enables the fabric to have enough stretch to fit snugly without compromising grip.

Washing Instructions:

Close any hook and loop straps prior to washing

Machine wash max 30°C, gentle spin

DO NOT tumble dry



Competition Gloves
Black, Brown, White
Competition Gloves imageCompetition Gloves imageCompetition Gloves image

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