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CDM Killitch Lotion

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CDM Killitch Lotion

Carr & Day & Martin Killitch Lotion


Proven to prevent sweet itch. AVM-GSL licensed product with active ingredient benzyl benzoate in a soothing lotion, specially formulated for horses. If used as a preventative measure in early Spring prior to the symptoms becoming evident, the condition may not take hold.

Apply to all affected areas by rubbing in with fingers or soft cloth as soon as sweet itch is diagnosed and for the remaining part of the sweet itch season. Initial application of Killitch (75ml) should be made twice daily, reducing to once daily and then 3-4 times a week as the irritation lessens. All affected areas should be kept clean by shampooing and rinsing well at least once a week. After shampooing or heavy exercise, re-apply to ensure adequate protection.

With horses which are known to suffer from sweet itch, it is recommended that Killitch is applied in the early spring before symptoms become evident, so that the condition may never take a hold.

Key Ingredients :

  • Benzyl benzoate 25% w/v – a creamy white soothing lotion.


CDM Killitch Lotion
CDM Killitch Lotion

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