Airowear Outlyne Body Protector - Ladies

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Airowear Outlyne Body Protector

Designed for females of all shapes and sizes, Women's Outlyne has been developed through years of scientific research into how a body protector should fit a woman. Women's Outlyne combines maximum protection and unrestrictive movement with a perfect fit and super soft flexibility.

Available in several different sizes.

Level 3 – Purple Label
Body protectors certified to Level 3 provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitors and for working with horses. Protectors to this level should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and bruising, and prevent a limited number of rib fractures

No Body Protector can prevent serious injury in certain accidents, but you can improve your chances of staying safe and reducing the severity of injuries by making the right choice.

Airowear Outlyne Body Protector - Ladies
Airowear Outlyne Body Protector - Ladies

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