Acavallo Contour Bit Guards - Black


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Acavallo Contour Bit Guards

The contoured bit guards from Acavallo follows on from the huge success of the best- selling gel bit guards popularly used to protect the horse's sensitive mouth against pinching and chafing of the bit rings.

The contoured bit guards feature a new and inventive concave shape on the inner surface (towards the horse's mouth) and a convex shape on the outer surface (towards the bit ring). This new shape eliminates the need of the formerly used projecting branches on the gel bit guards. 

Risk of rubbing or chafing on the outer skin of the mouth corners are eliminated while the free movement of the bit and the bit rings as well as the horse's chewing ability are not inhibited in any way.

Once positioned on the bit, the specialised soft gel material keeps the bit guards in the correct position, avoiding rotation or any other unwanted movements of the bit. A precise and undisturbed contact between horse and rider is stimulated.

Acavallo Contour Bit Guards - Black
Acavallo Contour Bit Guards - Black

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