Throughout our proud 177-year history, WB Stubbs (Hawksworth) Limited has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, while retaining the strong family values that ensure quality remains the byword for our British-made products.
Our well-designed, finely-crafted goods can be found in some of the leading stables around the world, renowned for their trustworthiness from Australia to Zimbabwe.
The STUBBS ENGLAND label is highly-respected world wide and we guard this privilege by continuing to manufacture all our products in the heart of England. Our skills have been honed and passed down through the generations to include welding and fabrication, plastic moulding, sheetmetal, plastic coating and joinery.
Although now well established as a leading equestrian brand, the starting point for what became WB Stubbs was in the making of agricultural implements. The company was established by ThomasWade, who set up his works in 1836, and what is thought to be his original Hawksworth workshop still exists today, complete with forge.

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Stubbs Stable Mate Manure Collector


Stubbs Stable Mate Manure Collector



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